About fortune it

One-stop shopping works well in deferent environments. It's our belief is that it's very difficult to achieve in the technology world. In our experience customers want a network and technology solutions partner to understand the problem they're facing and their industry. fortune it is committed to providing only the solutions we are experts in, serving the markets we have significant expertise in. We have even developed industry specific solutions and practices. We believe this approach creates the most value for our customers.

We Are Client-Centered not Product-Centered

At fortune it we take our comprehensive knowledge and experience to determine which type of solution will be the best fit for your organization. The challenge becomes when they recommend it for everyone even though it's not the best fit for the customer's environment (thus recommending a hammer when the customer really needs a screw driver). fortune it has the ability to work on the client's behalf, cut through a lot of the marketing jargon, and recommend a solution that is the best fit for the customer.

How we help Networks

We have industry and solution specific experts to help understand a customer's current environment. This is the basis to build any solution.
We offer complete solution design services to help address the challenges. Our design recommendations are based upon your end goal, as well as industry and solution specific knowledge.
We deploy many solutions turnkey or we can work with your team to provide guidance on deployment best practices and customer specific integration services.
We offer custom fit support services. We offer managed services, unmanaged, or hybrid support including Online portal access and support tools to help you manage your system.