Migration to IP/MPLS Solutions

fortune it delivers networking solutions based on IP/MPLS technology. The company main area of activity are engineering, integration and support of IP/MPLS core networks (backbone), as well as site backhaul. Thanks to our knowledge and use of devices with advanced features, networks we build can be successfully used for not only data transmission, but for other demanding and sensitive services, such as VoIP (including live telephony calls from cellular base stations) or live video (i.e. in video surveillance systems).

IP/MPLS is the most flexible of the modern networking techniques. With experience and proper devices, it is entirely possible to migrate from legacy TDM-based services to pure IP/MPLS network, without compromising quality, security and robustness of the service. Integration of multiple services in a single telecommunication platform allows reducing the costs to maintain, expand, and manage network infrastructure. Our transmission networks meet these expectations in full.

Our IP/MPLS solutions readily integrate with WDM technology, used in the optical layer. Consolidation of WDM techniques, offering virtually unlimited throughput utilizing only a single optical fiber, with IP/MPLS, a top-class, intelligent traffic control technology, allows us to build networks that meet the highest standards of speed and reliability.