Network and Connectivity Solutions

fortune it supports corporate networks around the globe with an unparalleled selection of high-performance network infrastructure products and systems. From the server room to the workstations, our proven end-to-end performance keeps people connected.

Rapid Solutions

When it matters now, count on fortune it for software prototyping, deployment, and custom engineering of offensive cyber capabilities. We specialize in a variety of software platforms including C/C++, Python, Ruby, Bash, and SQL.  Our team can quickly tailor new or existing capabilities to meet a specific customer need. In addition to software solutions, we provide low embedded systems engineering, reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and custom 802.11 communication designs & solutions.

Network Intelligence

fortune it maintains a research team dedicated to the continual pursuit of discovering tomorrow’s attack vectors today. Our customers demand to be on the leading edge of the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and remote exploits. fortune it provides that edge. Our primary areas of research include: exploitation of small embedded systems, Universal Plug and Play, wireless attacks against 802.11/802.16 and Bluetooth devices, and covert communications systems.

Subject Matter Expertise

All of our researchers have a strong background in information system security, vulnerability assessment, and exploitation. Sometimes we let our researchers out of their cage and offer training programs custom tailored to the specific needs of our customers.  You won’t see a “one-size-fits-all” training program from Tactical Network Solutions. We work with you to determine your current skills then customize a course of instruction that will develop your skills to reach your goals.